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About our company

Established in 2012, Rock & Ruthless Tattoo is a tattoo parlor that is fueled by passion and creativity in order to produce award winning artwork in a positive and clean environment.



Rock & Ruthless Tattoo Parlor is located in downtown Philipsburg, PA. Rock & Ruthless offers custom tattoo work designed specifically for the client. Beyond tattooing, the company has its own clothing line that is completely designed and carried out by owner and artist Tyler Walstrom.


Full list of Services and products include

  • Custom tattoo work

  • Rock & Ruthless Clothing

  • Artwork for sale

  • Body piercing

  • Tattoo aftercare and Skin care products


Our company is formed around honesty, hard work and skill. Through those three things, anything is possible. We strive to go beyond the expectations of the client. We believe that you do get what you pay for but we will offer you our services at a price that is fair to both the customer and our business.

Rock & Ruthless operates by appointments only for tattoos. We do have a day dedicated to walk-ins though. For more about tattoos, piercings, and setting up appointments, please visit the "Information" section of our website.




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