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Doesn't that hurt?

Quite the redundant question yet tattooed people get it every day. Pain tolerance is something that varies from person to person. Because of this each person may experience different pain levels than someone else with a tattoo in the same area. Other variables can be the length of time it takes will increase the pain of the tattoo because the skin becomes more irritated the longer your session goes. Tattoos have a very unique feeling, somewhat indescribable. Many describe getting a tattoo as being like a bee sting or a bad sun burn. The same goes for piercings, every piercing can feel different. Piercings seemed to not be as bad though, due to they are a very quick process. There is too many variables to put a blanket statement on the level of pain. Though tattoos and piercings can be painful, the pain is definitely manageable. If it wasn’t there wouldn’t be as many people coming back for more!

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