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Rock & Ruthless believes in being a responsible company. We believe every company should be concerned with reducing their impact on the planet and the people on it.

More often than not, companies have the profit at any cost mentality. Stepping back to look at the whole picture, this mindset hurts all of us in the aspects of the environment, the economy and the well being of our people. The best way to address this is by setting a good example of taking what steps you can to minimize your impact while doing business.

Being that we are a very small and fresh company, we are limited by what efforts we can take at this moment. Also in order to remain sterile, tattooing produces a lot of waste by throwing away used gloves, needles, paper towels, and other items that come in contact with someone’s body. To help offset this unavoidable waste, we make efforts in other aspects of our business. Our steps at this point are small but any amount of reduction is closer to the type of socially and environmentally responsible company that this world needs.  

Our sustainable measures​




  • Recycling paper products

  • Recycling plastic products

  • Re-using packaging products

  • High efficiency lighting

  • Promotional materials printed with soy ink​​


  • Providing an economic stimulus for our local economy

  • Doing business with other local businesses

  • Purchasing products from sustainable companies

  • ​Safely disposing of contaminated materials such as needles

  • Promoting positive outlooks and a healthy lifestyle

  • Spreading awareness for sustainability



As stated before, we are limited by the extent of measures we can take but feel that every company should provide what sustainable practices and ethics they are utilizing for the public. This is our way of 


exposing our company to you, our customers. As we grow as a company, we will have more opportunities to add to our list of sustainable measures.




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