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Walk-In Fridays

You may have heard of our shop doing Walk-Ins on Fridays. Soon after opening we became booked out for months and many people were inquiring about getting small tattoos. It seemed difficult to schedule all these “one hour tattoos”, so we created Walk-in Fridays. The first day we did it, it was very successful so we continued it. Friday’s are also a great time to come get a piercing.


The rules
  • Tattoos should be about the size of your palm or smaller. To keep it flowing for other customers, we can’t do projects that take longer than an hour or two.

  • Walk-ins are a first come, first serve basis. THERE IS NO APPOINTMENTS.-We cannot guarantee you will be able to get right in or even tattooed that day. If you are traveling a long distance, an appointment would be your best bet so you are not wasting time.

  • 11am-7pm are the shop hours but we can’t take on any other tattoos after 6pm. Some days are busier than others. On very busy days, we have to stop taking walk-ins earlier in the day.


So if you are looking to get a small tattoo or a small piece of lettering, maybe we will see you on Friday!

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