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Piercing Aftercare Instructions.

Piercings are simple to care for but aftercare is still necessary! Infection and rejection are always a risk, when getting a piercing. We try to educate to make this risk as minimal as possible.


1. Clean your new piercing 3-5 times a day with Xpressions or H2Ocean aftercare product. Spray on piercing or on a Q-tip and clean around piercing. Avoid products such as alcohol or hydrogen peroxide because they may damage healthy cells and cause scar tissue.


2. Do not take your jewelry out. Body piercings can take months to fully heal. Wait at least 2 months before trying to change jewelry.


3. Avoid contact with piercing as much as possible. It will extend the healing time and could lead to more issues. You don't need to turn your jewelry or play with it.


4. Avoid smoking with a new oral piercing. This is the most common cause of swelling and infection.


5. Practicing good hygiene helps during the healing process.


6. If piercing seems to be swollen, use ice to bring down the swelling. Sea salt can also help with irritation and swelling. H2Ocean is made with purified sea salt and other minerals.

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