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Looking for Artists!
July 14 2015


As anyone in the area knows, we have been consistently busy. We apologize to anyone that causes an inconvenience to. We have been reaching out to great artists, that share similar styles to be a featured guest artist for a few days at our shop. Also a part time or full time artist to help take on some of the appointments and foot traffic coming in.

We would require at least 2 years professional shop experience, strong portfolio, professional attitude and work ethic, willing to work with clients ideas while still creating a great final product.

If you are an artist interested or know one interested, send us a sample of your work, and a resume or a little information about yourself. 


Thank you for all the support thus far!

-Tyler Walstrom 

The remainder of 2013...

October 8th 2013

To cut down the waiting time and cut down on reschedules, I am going to not take on any new appointments until 2014. This will allow time for all my current projects to wrap up. If you have an appointment with me now or I have told you I would work on something for you that stuff is still on, I am just speaking of anything new beyond that.

Being that I had booked up every day (even most closed days) for the rest of the year and there is still many that have been taking one for the team to allow me to work on new customers. I had to make a decision on what to do.  I also have been having a lot of scheduling issues because of booking out so far.

There will still be “Walk in Fridays” though, which is great for small tattoos and piercings without making appointments. I am super stoked that this many people want work from me and am greatly appreciative. Also in the near future I will be doing some winter gear such as hoodies, beanies ect. so be on the lookout for that announcement.

Thank you for all the support thus far!

-Tyler Walstrom =)

Past News Stories

Featured Story in Lock Haven Magazine

February 20th 2013

Rock & Ruthless and Tyler Walstrom were featured in the current issue of Lock Haven Magazine. There is a nice little article telling a little bit of the story of how the shop was created this past year.

Click the link for the full issue
The Haven Winter 2013


June 20th 2013

​First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for showing such tremendous support for Rock & Ruthless, as well as myself as an artist. I never thought my shop would grow as much as it has in these past few months. That being said, I’m currently completely booked and all appointments made from here on will be scheduled for October or later. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, so we’ve made Fridays available from 11am to 6pm for walk-in tattoos and piercings. Please keep in mind that walk-in tattoos should take no more than an hour, so they should be roughly the size of your palm, or smaller, and will be on a first come, first serve basis.

          I would also like to let everyone know that any Facebook messages inquiring tattoos or piercings will be redirected to my email, as this is our preferred way of booking appointments at the shop to stay organized. Your email will be answered within a few days of receiving it. Also letting everyone know that unless you hear otherwise from myself or someone at the shop, all appointments are still on. If you call or email to double-check, and don’t get a reply right away, most likely we are still on. When you schedule an appointment, it goes on the calendar and stays there unless a cancelation takes place.

          Thank you again to everyone who has helped my shop and I both grow. I’m looking forward to further expanding my business and excited to reveal what is in store for the near future. Please email Rock & Ruthless with any of your questions.

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