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Setting up an Appointment.

Rock & Ruthless operates off of appointments for tattoos. Most tattoos can be very time consuming and require focus for long periods of time so this enables us to offer the dedication needed to create award winning artwork. We used to use a simple calendar system but had to switch to a new appointment system due to the overload of business. We do this by a list customers put on in the order they have contacted us. If you are new to getting tattooed, we recommend reading some of the other sections in the "Information" part of the website.


How the list will work:

  • Your name, phone-number, email, and a rough description will be added to the list

  • We will contact you 3-4 weeks prior with available dates If unable to make appointments listed you will be moved to the next rotation of phone calls. (We will contact you 3-4 weeks later to try and schedule you again)If we contact you twice and you are still unable to make any appointments you will have to reapply to the list

  • A non-refundable $20 deposit will be required to be put on the list(deposits can be made by cash/credit card in the shop or with a credit card in the online store at

  • No designing or drawings will begin until there is a deposit paid for each tattoo.


We feel this will help with overlap of projects that are already in progress and new projects. This is also to help to cut down on the number of scheduling problems and put priority on multi-session clients. By contacting customers closer to available time slots, we hope to be able to find a date that better suits the customer!

To make things easier, we placed the deposit button to the right here. You can also still access it through the online store.  If you click deposit button you can add it to your shopping cart. Then we encourage you to continue over to our online store and check out the other Rock & Ruthless items!

If you book an appointment at this point, it could be at least 2 years

until you are scheduled for a certain date due to the current amount of on-going projects we have. 

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