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Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

A great looking tattoo is a combination of a good artist and a good client. Always follow the steps your artist gives you. Many artists have different methods. We offer ours to you because we feel it is what works best. We want you to have the best possible tattoo we can offer.After receiving a tattoo.

1. Leave the tattoo covered for 1 hour after.

2. Uncover tattoo carefully. Properly dispose of wrapping being it has your body fluids on it.

3. Wash tattoo with cold water and unscented standard soap. Soap is available for sale at shop. Wash off all dried blood, excess ink and plasma from the skin. Use your hand and be gentle. Let dry before applying aftercare.

4. Apply tattoo aftercare product such as Afterinked. Which is the main product we choose to sell at our shop.

5. Any time tattoo seems dry or tight apply thin coat of aftercare and massage it into the skin 3-7 times a day. Some people's skin needs more often than others. You want it to be moisturized but not smothered and wet.

6. Tattoo will start to peel and pieces of ink and dead skin will be coming off the area. This is normal. Please do not pick or scratch at them. The will begin to fall off on their own or in the shower. Once peeled, continue using aftercare product or switch to unscented lotion to keep skin moisturized.

7. Use body lotion daily to keep skin healthy for the life of your skin and your tattoo.



Things to remember.

-A tattoo will peel after a few days and looks like normal skin but can actually take up to 4 months to fully heal deep down.

-Do not re-bandage or use thick amounts of aftercare. The Tattoo needs to breathe in order to heal.

-Do not pick, slap or scratch the tattoo. This will cause unnecessary damage.

-Avoid soaking the tattoo in water longer than just washing it.

-Avoid direct sunlight or tanning beds completely until tattoo is fully healed. Once tattoo is healed it should be kept covered in sunlight/tanning with clothing or protected by a sun block product. We sell one made for tattoos called Color Guard.

-Keep it clean! Wash your hands every time before touching tattoo. Hands have plenty of germs that could lead to infection.

-Wash your tattoo with soap anytime it appears to be sweating fluid or looks slimey. Also wash with soap after extensive sweating during exercise.

-Once a tattoo is fully healed, it is pretty resilient to bumps and scrapes. If permanent damage is still present once cut is healed, consult with your artist.

-They may have a simple solution for you. After fully healed you still need to take care of your skin. The healthier you are and your skin is, the better your tattoo will look. All tattoos will eventually fade but you can prolong the life of them by proper care. Use products such as sun block and moisturizers like tattoo aftercares/body lotions. Also take care of yourself, lead a healthy lifestyle!

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