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All my life, I’ve always been the kid in class whose notebooks were filled with more drawings and sketches than actual notes. I can honestly say art is my obsession. I love painting, tattooing, drawing, anything of that nature. Basically I’m just a laid back art guy.


In 2009 I began tattooing, since then it has become quite the epic journey coming from very humble beginnings. 2010 brought the first shop for me to work at, Forever Sick Tattoo in Lewistown. While there I worked alongside various types of artists and gave me a very broad outlook on tattoo techniques, artistic viewpoints, and even life.


2 years later, despite leading a double life of tattoo artist and college student, I found myself graduating from Lock Haven University with a degree in Business Administration. A place that I grew quite fond of and was exposed to some of the most empowering individuals I ever met. Unfortunately, I was not at my graduation ceremony due to the fact that I was tattooing at the Baltimore Tattoo Convention. Instead of receiving a diploma that day, I was given a trophy for a tattoo I did on a client and now good friend, Craig Craft.



In the fall of 2012, I left Forever Sick Tattoo to move back to my hometown Philipsburg, Pennsylvania. This move would enable me to be closer to my family, friends, client base and my soon to come, my own tattoo shop. Rock & Ruthless Tattoo Parlor was established in 2012. From then on I have been working as an Artist/Owner and not the other way around. I still put the tattoos in front of any other priorities that come with the industry or business. 


- Tyler Walstrom



Sean Bourn

All the photos of tattoos, piercings, artists and artwork on this website are owned by Rock & Ruthless Tattoo Parlor. Photos of tattoos are intended to show quality of work and maybe drive inspiration. They are not meant to be copied for your own tattoo. Show respect to the artist and the wearer of the tattoo by being creative. Use other people’s artwork as inspiration and reference, not a catalog to pick from. If you would like to use a photo from our website for a something please contact us via email. We can give you permission and maybe we can give you a higher quality version of it.

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